Monday, August 31, 2009

I was ranked top 6th Hong Kong Twitter user.

I was ranked top 6th Hong Kong Twitter user. I was just checking this blog's traffic couple of days ago and discovered that certain traffic was referred by a specialized Twitter Account crawler site. When I visit the site ( I realized that I was ranked the top 6 twitter users based in Hong Kong with the most followers. I have 6,524 followers as of now, 12:05am Sep 1, 2009 in Hong Kong local time. Click here to see the site.

Before you read on, I like to say that I am NOT a Twitter Holic. You will know why in next paragraph!

I don't remember exactly when but approximately couple of months ago I opened my twitter account using my real name Before this account I have another one which focuses on investment, which has 3,449 followers. The investment account has been opened in around 10 months ago. I have only come to know Twitter only recently. I don't really follow twits as there are too many things to be done in my life. Following twits is not exactly on the top of my agenda. I opened the account simply because I am interested to learn and experiment on using social media as an marketing tool. As far as a novice concern and a late comer (vs. those users in US) for Twitter from Hong Kong, the numbers are much better than I expected. Considering that I am ONLY using RSS news feed to supply twits to my twitter account (which means I hardly talk about myself at all), I spent very little effort in "twitting" and "growing" my followers. Frankly I rather like blogging where I can always talk too much and pretend people likes my long post articles. ;)

However, we can always combine blogging with Twittering. For example, I feed the RSS feed of this blog to my Twitter Account. So every blog post on this blog will be fed to the twitter account automatically. So the system will automatically broadcast my latest blog post to the 6,500 followers and drive traffic to my blog site. Cool. And I don't have to do much too.

I think I can also send my twitter update to facebook too but I think it's a bit too much to push many RSS newsfeed to my friend's community.

Anyway the new world of internet is always amazing!

I think the Google Wave will be an interesting one to watch out for. See my previous blog post about my comment about Google Wave: Click Here.