Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sustainable Living Standard

Sustainable Living Standard 1st July 2009, we celebrate the anniversary of Hong Kong recturning to China. While there are many interest and political groups leveraging today to voice out their concern, I spent my time teaching my daughter the importance of green environment. Indeed when she grow up, she is going to live in an enviornment much worst than today if we at this generation don't act properly.

China, as a rapidly growing econmy, is still very inefficient in using energy and other natural resources due to wasteful production techniques. China government is smart enough to know that. This is why we see a lot of policies addressing sustainable economic development. It means that we are no longer (or at least we are working on this direction) wasting our resources mindlessly. It also means that China needs to distribute the wealth of the nation development more evenly to all the people in the nation. Given the current burst of the US led economic system, China is also searching for a more balanced way of economic development. So much to do. So little time.

Anyway, Nicole and I spent the afternoon working on drawing pictures. I have stolen her "Earth" figure and made a piece of picture with water solvable colored pencil. Sincerely hope that the word and China will be successful in managing our environment and to find balance in economic development for a yet better living standard my our next generations. Nicole and I name this picture the "The Happy Earth".