Pastel Painting to relax for tonight.

After a few days of rushing and running, I feel very tire. This is the kind of time where one can do some silly thing just to relax. Tonight I have chosen to do some silly painting. I wanted to expriment with oil pastels to see if I can simulate the affect of oil painting. Pastel is not meant for great details. Light color paint cannot cover another layer of darker color so it's not easy to add details such as lighting effect. It's really difficult to do so. I have also made a wrong choice of color tone for the mountains far in the background. Should have picked a blue / grey tone to enhance the feeling of distance for better layering affect. To simulate the great details such as the rocky edge of the mountain, I either have a super plan from from the start or I need a much bigger piece of paper. This painting is only a big bigger than A4 size. Not too successful but I am satisfied. It's really my second pastel painting in my life. Tonight will be a good night for sleeping!

It would be fun to use pastel to illustrate the concept of Twitter! ;)

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