Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Individual person wanting to start online business

5/05/2009 09:03:00 AM

My answer on Yahoo! Answer as the best answer for a person asking how to start a web site because he/she wanted to start some kind of business. He was asking such fundamental question like where to find web hosting company or even like how to do html. Everybody else was trying their best to give guides as simple as 1, 2 and 3. I told the guy that it's much better that he should go for a book or find someone else to help him to build the site. That was just the technical part. The Internet Marketing part is even more an "art" then "technology". On the SEO and traffic generation, he's much better off to get some serious coach rather expecting someone to help through Yahoo! Answer.

No shame! There is nothing wrong with the beginner level question. It's the other people's guide on how to build the site that will very likely steer the guy into many wrong directions.

Sometimes, being straight and honest to a beginner is a much better help than simple wanting to show of your knowledge of "how to". Those who tried to help on Yahoo! Answer was simply trying to demonstrate how knowledgeable they are by answering the questions. Frankly, most people who knows the stuff will think that's simple too much for a beginner to handle. A simple NO would worth 10 times more than an over simplified answer for a high complicated subject.

Well...may be the reason that I am writing this article is to "show off" my experience that I am no better than those who try to show off on Yahoo! Answer...may be I am just getting old...may be....