Taking picture.

I am not exactly a professional photographer. In fact, only because the camera technology went digital that I started taking more photos. Anyway, with the effortable digital SLR, I do enjoy taking a few still photos of flowers and landscape every once in a while. Here is one taken in Disney Land in December 08.

As a kid I have always enjoyed drawing, painting and in general artistic subjects. But, like many others, I never really developed skills in these artistic areas. However, as I grow more experiences in life and career these days, I found that there are less and less "technical" subject to learn. The personal intersts are now creeping back to my life. Especially when I now have to help my daughter for her homework and projects, more and more I have to pick up my color pencil.  My interest in drawing and painting grow again. Hm...it's a comfortable and enjoyable exerperience. Keeps me balance and help me to relax from the competitive work I do.

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