Sunday, December 28, 2008

Blog? Why?

Blog? Why? At the start of this blog (28 Dec 08), the world is one of the biggest financial crisis. It's actually the biggest financial crisis in my life, just like most of us. My work as a manager for a recruitment publishing and internet job board connects me to many industries and businesses. So I can see a lot of things happening and everybody is impacted by this biggest financial crisis of all time. Things are turning ugly and soon even more ugly. So we will all face the biggest challenge in life soon. I suppose there is no easy out this time because it's not some kind of accident that caused the financial crisis but it is the overheating of the very system we have created in the world to drive the world to become more "productivy". It's a problem within our way of do things in the economic part of our global society. I guess there is no easy way out. I thought the only way we can survive through this challenge is by helping each other out. Of course the world has learned something out of this occasion and we will all adjust and fine-tune our system, that is, in long run. However, from today to where we can forget the financial crisis, it's going to be a lot of pain for many of us.

At first I thought of saying something positive in this blog so readers of this blog can, perhaps, share a bit of encouragement from what I am going to write and be a bit happier; thus survive the storm a bit easier. However, the more I think I realize that I really don't have much to help other but a needs to "talk" to myself and help myself to stay happy and focus. So! I am not going to pretend I will help the rest of the world through this insignficant blog. Rather it's just a place where I will say something, most likely, to myself. I probably need this more than other people.

Hey, why take it so series and apply a "mission" to a simple blog? Perhaps I should just enjoy doing this myself.